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Viticulture advisory to vineyard owners and clients helping achieve the optimal result for their crop.

We bring a very experienced and practical approach to viticulture. There is always a need for innovation and embracing new technologies and ideas in the vineyard, but we believe that doing the basics well will reflect positively on the bottom line.

At Jeremy Walsh Viticulture Management (JWVM), we can help with all your viticulture technical support.

Services Offered:

  • Annual Management Plans, budgeting, reporting and vineyard performance reports
  • Soil testing and fertiliser requirements
  • Yield estimate and management
  • Spray programme consultation and Grapelink
  • P & D monitoring
  • Irrigation programming and management
  • SWNZ scorecards and audits
  • Site selection and property due diligence
  • Vineyard new developments and redevelopment of ageing vineyards
  • Health and Safety Plans
  • General consultancy
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